Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beer Review

This blog is in serious need of help! I made a post, then forgot about it. Then I remembered it and wondered what in the hell I was thinking when I began, then I forgot about it, then I.... ok the vicious circle continued until today when I had a moment of clarity.

I have a love for beer that is not easily matched, whether it is tasting new brews or taking pleasure in old favorites. I wouldn't consider myself a beer snob, but you won't find me ordering a miller/bud light if at all avoidable. Not saying they're bad beers that can't be enjoyed, but just not by me. Anyways, lately I have been trying a lot of new beers, thanks to being employed (whoo, money!!) and for some time have been meaning to begin a record of my experiences. So I got the old hamster wheel spinning... neglected blog, beer journal, neglected blog, beer journal, neglec... vicious circles tend to be a theme of mine.

Has this been done before? Of course. With this be another horrible failure? MAYBE. The important thing is I'm setting goals.

Cheers to the new beer blog! and who knows, maybe a real post will slip in sometime too, it's worth a shot.

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