Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Today we honor the Patron Saint of Ireland, whom if history is correct, was a leprechaun who rid the emerald isle of snakes and was constantly drinking guinness and hoarding treasure at the end of rainbows.

You would think I think i would maybe try to squeeze a Guinness Stout review in today, but it aint happening. No over analysis today on the holiest of holy days. (Quick Review: give me a guinness anytime, anywhere. There's never an unwelcome moment for a tall creamy irish stout).

I went to New Orleans last weekend and it was fantastic, tried Abitas I had never seen in VA (including one you would swear is bud light and the always elusive Turbo Dog) and some Dixie brews i regrettably didn't record. Anyways, just wanted to wish everyone a a great Saint Patrick's Day (and good luck to any team but duke in the tourney).

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