Monday, February 7, 2011

Annual 2 Year Update!

WOW! So it's been awhile hasn't it? You would have to assume that after starting a blog, then re-styling it as a beer blog and then abandoning it; that I had quit drinking. Not the case. AT ALL! I am just terribly unmotivated in expressing myself and/or cannot care in the least about you the reader (thanks btw, for sticking around).

A lot can happen in 2 years, even for a low-key guy like myself. Lets stroll down memory lane (cue the flashback music):

- 11 weddings and a Funeral, one of them was mine and it was the greatest day of my life.
- Got a cat
- bought 2 bikes
- returned to Mexico (for the honeymoon)
- skied the best East Coast winter of my life (its all downhill from here)
- went to OBX for the first time (whats all the fuss?)
- my job was sending me to the phillipines...
- quit that for a REAL job with real benefits!
- biked from rva to cville
- broke my nose, allegedly, at a wedding
- replaced the motor in my car :(
- hung out at the lake.... a lot
- watched my dad beat cancer.... twice
- thought about going back to school
- river rafted wild and wonderful west va
- bought a subaru
- biked douthat (it aint flat)
- saw a black bear hiking
- went to ZERO bonnaroos
- saw Phish for the first time
- saw TV on the radio
- saw Jenny Lewis
- saw Wilco end their 18 year richmond hiatus

Of course there is tons more, but these are the highlights. See you again in 2 years!

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