Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Pyramid of Updates

I called the resignation of Mubarak 10 days ago (no proof available or necessary) and never thought the Egyptian people were backing down. They cancelled a National soccer game for christ's sake, you had to know they meant business! News continued to leak out and the speculation began that the Mubaraks were re-positioning themselves financially. Then Marketplace ran their story last night, these guys are good and always on point, and now it looks like my assertion is correct.

In other news...

- A professional football player wants to weigh more than me, how dare he! In all seriousness, Banks was electrifying last season and really should beef up. let the weight watch begin!

- Jim Webb is throwing in the towel. Not saying I wouldn't have voted for him if I knew he was going to be one-and-done, but its still very disappointing. A veteran against the Bush Wars is always good to have in your quiver.

- Psyched for the 2011 Bonnaroo line-up to be announced next tuesday, 2/15!! It's the 10th Anniversary of the festival and, not having gone to the last two, dont think I can miss this one.

In beer news...

- Picked up a sixer of Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball Ale last night for myself and FIL. It poured a lot darker than I had expected (I was thinking IPA) and was a bit rough (hairy?!?), at 9% ABV that's what you are in for. Tasted rich and earthy like tobacco, dark barley or a really un-sweet molasses. It felt almost gummy in my mouth, perhaps due to the taste. The aroma was far better than what hit your tongue, which is telling sign of this ale's bitterness.

- I had a much easier drink for a Birthday lunch yesterday at The Backyard, Blue Mountain Brewery's Lights Out Holiday Ale. There is nothing really celebratory about this brew, besides the 7% ABV. The head was surprisingly thin and a not your usual frothy white, but rather a toasty tan. The flavor is very mild, dominated by malt and hints of caramel. Really couldn't pick out any "holiday spices" or fruitiness that define so many of these brews. Though in comparison to the Eyeball, this went down like a dream. Nothing not to like here and I am really happy i got it on one of the last kegs of the season!

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